Organ Donation

MAPCU in association with the National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC) initiated the MAPCU Organ Donation Campaign 2012. A key objective of the campaign is to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation and organ transplant amongst staff & students as well as amongst members of the public. Another objective of the campaign is help bring about the “Organ Donor Family” by getting individuals who have pledged their organs to encourage their family members to be organ donors as well.

A series of activities have been held in support of the organ donation campaign. These activities spearheaded by the respective students from the participating institutions include campaign exhibitions, inter-religious forums, organ donation seminars and roadshows to reach out to the public.

We hope that with this campaign, MAPCU will be able to inculcate a spirit of caring and sharing amongst its members, that will result in giving a gift of life to those who are in need.