Code of Ethics

In upholding the principles of the National Education Philosophy and in its efforts to promote professionalism, integrity and quality in private colleges, members of MAPCU are committed to the following principles:

To ensure the disclosure of full, fair and accurate information regarding programmes offered through responsible advertising and counselling.

To ensure that admission standards are maintained within a framework of well-defined policies and procedures.

To only engage in fair and ethical recruitment and promotional practices.

To ensure that qualified and competent staff are engaged to provide the academic and administrative support required for the programmes offered.

To ensure on-going high academic standards through the implementation of quality assurance mechanisms.

To provide appropriate physical resources, materials and facilities in the delivery of programmes.

To provide support services, premises and facilities that will safeguard the safety, security and well-being of students.

To ensure provision of the necessary contact hours required for respective programmes and the provision of pastoral care.

To ensure that all courses conducted have received all the necessary approvals from the appropriate authorities.

To develop the all-round personality of students to prepare them for future leadership roles and service to the Nation